Enso Advantage

The Enso Advantage

Graphic of lady taking Enso box out of her car

Take it Home Now

Unlike traditional mattresses, which have a large shipping footprint, Enso mattresses are vacuum packed, rolled into compressed cylinders, and packed in sturdy cardboard boxes. You can easily transport your mattress home in the trunk of your car - no need to borrow a truck or hire movers.

Graphic of lady taking mattress out of the Enso box

Slide Mattress Out

Once the box is in the desired room, open the box and slide the mattress out. It may be easier to open the box on both ends. You will likely need assistance with this step and the remaining steps.

Graphic of lady rolling mattress out on a foundation

Place on Foundation & Unroll

With your partner, carefully place the mattress on your foundation or base and unroll it. The compressed packaging may not completely unroll. This is normal - just adjust it to the best of your ability. Make sure the head of the mattress lines up with the head of the foundation - in other words, ensure your mattress is not sitting sideways.

Graphic of mattress expanding on foundation

Remove Plastic & Watch Expand

Carefully remove the vacuum packaging from the mattress. Take care not to use box cutters or razor blades to remove the packaging, as it may damage the mattress. Dispose of the packaging and watch the mattress expand.

Graphic of lady sleeping on her Enso mattress

Enjoy Better Sleep Tonight!

The mattress should recover up to 85% within moments, meaning you can sleep on it tonight. Full recovery can be expected within 48 hours. Enjoy your new mattress!